Canal du Nivernais

Canal du Nivernais

Canal du Nivernais in France

The Canal du Nivernais is a beautiful canal in the Burgundy region. The canal connects the Loire basin with the Seine basin. It succeeds in bridging the 180 km with 110 locks to bridge because of the supply of water on its highest point from the bassin du Baye and in the direction of the Seine by the river Yonne.

History Canal du Nivernais

The canal was built under pressure from the timber industry. The construction of a canal between Clamecy and Paris, would facilitate the so-called “flottage”. The canal improved the economic growth and communication dramatically until the arrival of railways in 14th century. Today the canal is only used by pleasure boats.

Work on the canal began in 1784 at Collancelle. There, the 758 m long tunnel of Collancelle was dug.

The Canal du Nivernais was completed in 1843.

Boating on the Canal du Nivernais

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